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How to clean your tools

How to clean your tools

It is essential to prevent infections by keeping your working environment hygienic all the time. As a nail technician you always have to keep in mind the importance of tidiness. »

Shivering  nail gels and acrylics

Shivering nail gels and acrylics

As the cold period is starting, the nail technicians can experience the change of the cure time of some nail products. It is not the fault of the material, but the attitude of temperature fluctuations. »

BIO in manicure and pedicure

BIO in manicure and pedicure

Nowadays in the cosmetic industry everything is getting popular, that is bio. Whether it is a treating, method, product, anything. Bio means natural, they mark every treating and products that contains natural ingredients. »

Decoration in three dimension - The 3D gels

Decoration in three dimension - The 3D gels

After its releasing, the gel went through a lot of updating and modernizations. Acrylics were a leader in the three dimension decorating,... »